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"Oleokam" is a manufacturing company existing on the Russian market since 1991. Our production is metal working fluids and technological additives. It is well known by enterprises of mechanical engineering complex. Among our consumers there are the largest automobile factories of the country, such as:

  • VAZ
  • Uliyanovsk automobile factory and others.

Thanks to its high quality our production has a great demand not only in Russia, but overseas as well. The metal working fluids of “AUTOKAT” series designed by experts of the company keep up with the best analogues by their qualitative features. Our production is awarded by a number of prizes, including the diploma and medal of the All-Russian Exhibition centre. However, the highest award and the best acknowledgement of our production quality is confidence of our partners, which was honestly deserved with our work.

"Oleokam"’s metal working fluids and technological lubricants workshop provides about 5000 tons of production per annum. Qualified experts of our exploratory laboratory constantly keep a check on the quality of the lubricants produced and work on their improvement, as well as on extension of the proposed production assortment.

Our success is conditioned by solidarity of our staff, where everyone performs his or her own duties conscientiously at most. Thanks to this exactly we are able to provide our customers with such a high-quality production. In respect of our company’s development the priority is always on the side of the quality and not the quantity of metal working fluids and technological lubricants produced.

We invite specialists of mechanical engineering enterprises to co-operation. We are sure that by means of joint efforts any technical problems will be successfully solved and our knowledge and experience will be required.